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Mulugeta A. Ayele Kassa M. Woldeyesus Mekbib A. Wamisho Abdulaziz H. Mamie Demis Z. Woldegiorgis Gebreegziabher D. Criteria for Empowering Innovation in Higher Education. Uganda decision making. South Africa University of Fort Hare traditional knowledge. No Pain No Gain? Comparing Reasons in Three Regions of Kenya. Decolonising the curriculum: Students' Perspectives. Sustainable Development Goals sustainable development. Reframing Resources in Engineering Teaching and Learning. The Ethiopian Second Republic and the fragile 'social contract'.

Burundi Rwanda. Traditional, Democratic, Accountable? Religion and politics in Africa : the future of "the secular". The peasantariat and politics: migration, wage labor, and agriculture in Botswana. Perpetuating neo-colonialism through population control: South Africa and the United States. Africa's population and family planning dynamics. Swahili women since the nineteenth century: theoretical and empirical considerations on gender and identity construction.

Reconceptualizing gender and reconstructing social life: Ugandan women and the path to national development. Women and the social construction of gender in African development. Popular Ghanaian cinema and 'African heritage'. Education and perceptions of social status and power among women in Larteh, Ghana. Reimaging Gender and African Tradition?

Ousmane Sembene's Xala revisited. Internet virtual library. Bamako, Mali: monuments and modernity in the urban imagination. Mali monument. Why Look East? Zimbabwean Foreign Policy and China. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Democracy and Elections in Africa, Staffan I. Malawi monument Hastings Banda. Alternating views: Malian cinema, television serials, and democratic experience.

Crafting lifestyles in Urban Africa: Young Ghanaians in the world of online friendship. Asante Fair, J. Tully, M. Ekdale, B. Asante, R. Derrida, Africa, and the Middle East. Christopher Wise. Understanding the Protest of February in Cameroon. Emerging urban system demographic trends: Informing Ghana's national urban policy and lessons for Sub-Saharan Africa. Akyem Abuakwa Ghana. Vanessa N. Yendork, J. Asante, K.

Good-Bye, Book—Welcome, App? The politics of state welfare expansion in Africa: Emergence of national health insurance in Ghana, Democracy, poverty and civil society in Mozambique. Africa review : journal of African Studies Association of India. Contemporary local governance and indigenous institutions: the case of the Sidaama, Southern Ethiopia. Whose perception matters? The political in dependence of the judiciary in Cameroon: fact or fiction?

Renewable energy and power: a review of the power sector reform and renewable energy law and policy nexus in Ghana. Ghana environmental effects. Sex work-based livelihoods in post in Zimbabwe. From resource curse to institutional incompatibility: a comparative study of Nigeria and Norway oil resource governance. Leadership—followership disconnect and democratic decline in Nigeria. The race chase: the colour of cricket transformation in South Africa. An overview of the obstacles to the African economic integration process in view of the African continental free trade area.

Mitigating gender gap in access to primary education in rural areas of Morocco. Illegal street vending and national security in Harare, Zimbabwe. A choreographed Sinophobia? An analysis of China's identity from the perspective of Zambia's Patriotic Front. The post-colonial is neocolonial in the Indian Ocean region: the case of Chagos seen through the African-centred decolonial theoretical lens.

Potential and challenges of renewable energy development in promoting a green economy in Nigeria. Building the nation in Southern Sudan: state emblems, symbols and national identity. Obstacles to effective participation of civil society organizations in Nigerian extractive industry transparency initiative.

A socio-psychological approach. Are Chinese immigrants in Cameroon perceived as a threat? Security-development nexus and the securitization of university spaces in the FeesMustFall protests in South Africa — Assessing economic policies impact on human rights in Tunisia — lessons from a United Nations mission.

Land reform, citizenship and aliens in Zimbabwe. Ga-Adangbe people ethnology Accra. Cutting down trees: women, nutrition and agricultural change in the northern province of Zambia, Spirit possession and healing in modern Zambia : an analysis of letters to Archbishop Milingo. Zambia spirit possession faith healing. Africa communication. South Africa African National Congress exile. South Africa African National Congress human rights abuse.

Liberia : a study of ethnic and spiritual violence. Liberia violence. Divine Madness: Mohammed Abdulle Hassan — Africa and international corruption: the strange case of South Africa and Seychelles. South Africa Seychelles corruption. Blood and Bone: The call of kinship in Somalia society.

Can the Ethiopian change his skin? The Beta Israel Ethiopian Jews and racial discourse. Exorcising witchcraft: the return of the gods in new religious movements on Jos Plateau and the Benue regions of Nigeria. Unfinished agendas: writing the history of medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africans in the Diaspora: the Diaspora and Africa. El negro, el nino, witchcraft and the absence of rain in Botswana. Botswana witchcraft. Africa politics Islam governance. West Africa Ivory Coast armed conflict. Changing population mobility in West Africa : Fulbe pastoralists in central and south Mali. West Africa petroleum oil company. Briefing: Kenya's elections -- the dawning of a new era? The politics of plunder: The rhetorics of order and disorder in Southern Nigeria.

Rwanda, ten years on: From genocide to dictatorship. Rwanda genocide. Rebel movements and proxy warfare: Uganda, Sudan and the Congo Uganda Sudan Republic of the Congo warfare. Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army: the new order no one ordered. Uganda Lord's Resistance Army.

Business and politics in a criminal state: the case of Equatorial Guinea. The origins of the Tigray People's Liberation Front. Entertaining repression: Music and politics in postcolonial Cameroon. Cameroon music. Diaspora and drug trafficking in West Africa: A case study of Ghana. Ghana Drug trafficking. Kenya election. Discomfiture of democracy? Ethiopia election. Mauritania, August Justice and democracy, or just another coup?

Reparations for the Herero Genocide: Defining the limits of international litigation. Reshuffling an Old Deck of Cards? The politics of local government reform in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone reform. London: Lynne Reiner, ISBN paperback. The demography of Mau Mau: fertility and mortality in Kenya in the s: a demographer's viewpoint. Kenya Mau Mau Uprising demography. Feckless and reckless or forbearing and resourceful? Kenya demography. South Africa governance.

Rwanda genocide governance. West Africa drug trafficking. Healing The Scar? Idealizing Britain in Africa, Spirits and social reconstruction after mass violence: rethinking transitional justice. Colonial bones: the burial of Savorgnan de Brazza in the Congo.

The Africanization of poverty: a retrospective on "Make Poverty History". African Literature as Political Philosophy, by M. Democracy and civil war: Citizenship and peacemaking in Cote d'Ivoire. The man in his house : marriage, gender relation and childbearing in Ghana. Diaspora, faith, and science: building a Mouride hospital in Senegal. Zimbabwean farmers in Nigeria: exceptional farmers or spectacular support?

Zimbabwe Nigeria. Religion in public spaces: emerging Muslim-Christian polemics in Ethiopia. Gold and governance: Legal injustices and lost opportunities in Tanzania. Tanzania governance. The coup d'etat in Niger: A praetorian regulation of politics? Whispering truth to power: The everyday resistance of Rwandan peasants to post-genocide reconciliation. Dangerous tales: Dominant narratives on the Congo and their unintended consequences.

Sexual minorities, human rights and public health strategies in Africa. Whiteness, racism, and Afrikaner identity in post-apartheid South Africa. Alem Bekagn : the African Union's accidental human rights memorial. African Union Ethiopia monument human rights. Remembering Nyerere: Political rhetoric and dissent in contemporary Tanzania.

The Eritrean diaspora and its impact on regime stability: Responses to UN sanctions. Peaceland: Conflict resolution and the everyday politics of international intervention. Kenya at war: Al-Shabaab and its enemies in Eastern Africa. Power, patronage, and gatekeeper politics in South Africa. Africa organized crime. Religious commitment and prejudicial attitudes toward homosexuals in Ghana. Emotional response to statements congruent with prejudicial attitudes.

Religious commitment and health status. Research note: Exploring survey data for historical and anthropological research: Muslim—Christian relations in south-west Nigeria. Morality and economic growth in rural West Africa: Indigenous accumulation in Hausaland. South Africa commercialization. Back on track? Somaliland after its presidential election.

The study of violence and social unrest in Africa: A comparative analysis of three conflict event datasets. Explaining African participation in international courts. Afropolitanism, celebrity politics, and iconic imaginations of North—South relations. Transforming land governance and strengthening the state in South Sudan. The invention of Al-Shabaab in Somalia: Emulating the anti-colonial dervishes movement.

Al-Shabaab Somalia colonialism. State formation and the politics of land in north-eastern Uganda. Uganda state formation. Conceptualizing the middle class in a developmental state: Narratives and expectations in Ethiopia. The politics of narrative: Methodological reflections on analysing voices of the marginalized in Africa. New media, performative violence, and state reconstruction in Mogadishu.

Responding to land-based conflict in Ethiopia: The land rights of ethnic minorities under federalism. Power, conflict and natural resources: The Mozambican crisis revisited. Situating African state agency in Ghana. Negotiating the public: Voluntarism and its work in Tanzania. Electoral competition, clientelism, and responsiveness to fishing communities in Senegal.

How does an opposition party become successful in a dominant party system? The case of South Africa. Ethnic in equality in the public services of Kenya and Uganda. Kenya Uganda public service. Land law reform in Kenya: Devolution, veto players, and the limits of an institutional fix. African studies Kenya. Failed coups, democratization, and authoritarian entrenchment: Opening up or digging in?

Informal taxation in Sierra Leone: Magnitudes, perceptions and implications. African studies Sierra Leone. African studies Somalia. The limits of instrumentalizing disorder: Reassessing the neopatrimonial perspective in the Central African Republic. African studies Central African Republic. African studies social media Somalia. Ideology and interests in the Rwandan patriotic front: Singing the struggle in pre-genocide Rwanda. Autochthony and space in communal war: Citizenship, conflicts, and infrastructure provision in Jos, Central Nigeria.

The effects of land grabs on peasant households: The case of the floriculture sector in Oromia, Ethiopia. From pyramid to pointed egg? A year perspective on poverty, prosperity, and rural transformation in Tanzania. Tax bargaining, fiscal contracts, and fiscal capacity in Ghana: A long-term perspective. Bureaucrats at war: The resilient state in the Congo. Somalia personalization. Respecting and circumventing presidential term limits in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative survey. Devolution and the politics of communal tenure reform in Kenya.

The self protection of civilians in South Sudan: Popular and community justice practices. Parastatals and economic transformation in South Africa: The political economy of the Eskom crisis. Pidgin play: Linguistic subversion on Chinese-run construction sites in Ethiopia. Mozambique elections Pernicious polarization, democratic decline, and rising authoritarianism. Manipulating Africa?

Perspectives on the experimental method in the study of African politics. Party campaign strategies in Ghana: rallies, canvassing and handouts. Infrastructure and perceptions of democracy in Zambia: democracy off the rails. The complex choreography of agricultural biotechnology in Africa. The politics of autocratic survival in Equatorial Guinea: Co-optation, restrictive institutional rules, repression, and international projection. Urban renewal in Ibadan, Nigeria: World class but essentially Yoruba.

Multiplicity and simultaneity in ethnographic research: Exploring the use of drones in Ghana. Subsistence patterns of the Dhar Tichitt Neolithic, Mauritania. Egypt archaeology. Chronology of the Khartoum? Pleistocene connexions between Africa and Southwest Asia: an archaeological perspective.

Ceramics, settlements and Late Iron Age migrations. Congo to Kalahari: data and hypotheses about the political economy of the western stream of the Early Iron Age. An African origin for African cattle? Igbo people archaeology. Technological organization and sedentism in the Epipalaeolithic of Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. The chronology of the Valley Enclosures: implications for the interpretation of Great Zimbabwe. Senegal archaeology.

Iron Age ceramic studies in Great Lakes eastern Africa: a critical and historiographical review. New research on the Holocene settlement and environment of the Chad Basin in Nigeria. Chad archaeology. The archaeology of social rank among eighteenth-century nomadic pastoralists in Southern Namibia. Gao and Igbo-Ukwu: Beads, interregional trade, and beyond. The archaeology of social rank among eighteenth-century Nomadic pastoralists in southern Namibia. South Africa colonialism archaeology.

Modern human origins : distinguishing the models. Nigeria ethnoarchaeology Tiv. Barton A. Bouzouggar S. Collcutt R. Gale L. Humphrey S. Parfitt E. Rhodes C. Stringer F. Ethiopia archaeology. Kenya archaeology. Recent research into oldowan hominin activities at Kanjera South, Western Kenya. Plummer J. Ferraro D. Braun P. Ditchfield F. Hertel J. Kingston J. Hicks R. Reevaluating the Age of the Iberomaurusian in Morocco.

Barton C. Bronk-Ramsey S. Turner S. Morocco archaeology. Algeria archaeology. Somaliland archaeology. Cape Verde archaeology. Nazlet Khater Egypt archaeology. Ghana Figurines archaeology. Procavia capensis South Africa archaeology. Benin archaeology. AD — Constructing Community Through Refuse Disposal. Malawi archaeology. Tanzania archaeology. Pierre M. George A. Brook L. Voarintsoa Fuyuan Liang. Mozambique archaeology.

South Africa archaeology. Accuracy vs. Back to the Grindstone? Land Snail Later Stone Age archaeology. India archaeology. COVID archaeology. Archaeology of Two Pandemics and Teranga Aesthetic. Disease as a Factor in the African Archaeological Record.

Goldstein E. Henry A. Janzen M. Katongo S. Brown J. Farr C. Le Moyne K. Richter N. Nigeria Yoruba people. Symbols of Conflict and Integration in Frafra Funerals. Dakar's urban landscapes: locating modern art and artists in the city. Dakar public art graffiti artist.

Transforming symbolic identity: wall art and the South African city. South Africa mural public art. Dakar public art biennale. Performing ferocity: Fancy dress, asafo, and red Indians in Ghana. Costume for Re-enactment Fourteen cases of osteogenesis imperfecta. Environment and Object: Recent African Art.

Ivory Coast Liberia museum. Extensions of the self : artistry and identity in the headrests and stools of southwest Ethiopian peoples. Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. The population challenge in Africa and the prospects for the African Development Bank's intervention.

Population, education and sustainable development. Population, policy development and implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Population and women in development: gender issues in the context of population and development. The impact of macroeconomic risk on asset prices in Ghana, Corporate governance and shareholder value maximization: An African perspective.

Market participation and rural poverty in Ghana in the era of globalization. How does foreign direct investment affect the export decisions of firms in Ghana? Productivity Change of Nigerian Insurance Companies: Long-term determinants of deforestation in Ghana: The role of structural adjustment policies. Structural adjustment and health. Olu Ajakaiye Christopher B. Barrett Ravi Kanbur David E. Sahn Stephen D. Health status and labour force participation in sub-saharan Africa: A dynamic panel data analysis.

Africa health status workforce. Ghana publicly funded health care health care. Wages and Labour Productivity in African Manufacturing. Evidence from the World Bank Enterprise Survey. L'entourage influence-t-il le comportement informel des entreprises au Cameroun? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Ouattara, B. Quartey, P. African Development Review Blackwell Publishing. Evans S. Osabuohien Uchenna R.

Efobi John T. Odebiyi Oluyemi O. Fayomi Adeleke O. African studies gravity. African studies Ghana. African studies child health. African studies socioeconomics. Abor, J,Y, Quaye, S. The impact of terrorism on public debt in African countries. Effect of agglomeration on technical efficiency of small and medium-sized garment firms in Egypt. Ghana's national health insurance, free maternal healthcare and facility-based delivery services. Testing the impact of financial inclusion on income convergence: Empirical evidence from Nigeria.

A Markov-switching analysis of Nigeria's business cycles: Are election cycles important? Analyse de la consommation des biens culturels au Togo. Measuring poverty with noisy and corrected estimates of annual consumption: Evidence from Nigeria. Price adjustment after hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Spillover effects in public healthcare expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa: A spatial panel analysis. Does microcredit reduce the gender gap in employment? Evidence from Egypt.

Egypt microcredit. International migrant remittances and labour force participation in Nigeria. Access to savings and household welfare evidence from a household survey in The Gambia. Effects of farm credit access on agricultural commercialization in Ghana: Empirical evidence from the northern Savannah ecological zone. Testing the nexus between renewable energy consumption and environmental quality in Nigeria: The role of broad-based financial development.

Effects of financial reform on business entry in sub-Saharan African countries: Do resource dependence and institutional quality matter? Women's empowerment and child health outcomes in Ghana. Social networks, rice value chain participation and market performance of smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Growing without changing: A tale of Egypt's weak productivity growth. The direct and indirect risk impacts on remittances: A cross-regional specific effects. Electoral participation and household food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa. Empirical evidence from the Toda—Yamamoto procedure. Does financial development reduce the size of the informal economy in sub-Saharan African countries?

Health care expenditure and health outcomes in sub-Saharan African countries. Is the interest rate setting behaviour of the Bank of Ghana constrained by high debt levels? La diffusion des TIC ameliore-t-elle qualitativement les institutions politiques en Afrique? Nonresident holdings of domestic debt in Nigeria: Internal or external driven?

Effect of transit road quality on trade costs in East Africa. Exchange rate volatility and pass-through to inflation in South Africa. Economic growth dynamics between resource-rich and resource-poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa: The role of politics and institutions. Capital flight and diamond exports in the Central African Republic: The role of political governance crisis.

Does education reduce gender differentials in labor market participation? A Kenyan perspective. Macroeconomic policies and sustainable employment yields in sub-Saharan Africa. Does fiscal tightening loosening reduce public debt? External credit and export decision: Evidence from Nigeria. Governance, health expenditure and infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Household cooking fuel choice: Evidence from the Republic of Benin. Foreign direct investment and economic growth. Analysis of sectoral foreign direct investment in Tanzania. Drivers of income inequality in Africa: Does institutional quality matter? Impact of foreign direct investment on the agricultural sector in Nigeria — The impact of terrorism on agriculture in African countries. Regional unemployment in Egypt: Spatial panel data analysis. Gender disparities in financial inclusion: Insights from Tanzania.

Determinants of labor productivity among SMEs and large-sized private service firms in Kenya. Ownership type and earnings gap decomposition: Evidence from the Ghanaian labor market. Feminization of multidimensional urban poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from selected countries. Does trade in services improve African participation in global value chains?

Cooking technology and female labor market outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. Does board gender diversity matter in the banking sector? Evidence from Tunisia. Effects of good governance, sustainable development and aid on quality of life: Evidence from sub-saharan Africa. The effects of foreign aid, foreign direct investment and domestic investment on economic growth in African countries: Nonlinearities and complementarities.

Adoption et usage du mobile money au cameroun: Analyse comparative des determinants entre les villes de Douala et de Yaounde. Empirical analysis of urban youth unemployment in Ethiopia. Ethiopia youth unemployment. Do remittances moderate financial development—informality nexus in North Africa?

A social network analysis of the structure and evolution of intra-African trade. What lessons can Africa learn from the social determinants of COVID spread, to better prepare for the current and future pandemics in the continent? The adverse impact of the Covid pandemic on the labor market in Cameroon.

The impacts of the Covid pandemic on employment in Cameroon: A general equilibrium analysis. Man and cannabis in Africa: a study of diffusion. The social and economic effects of sleeping sickness in Mweru-Luapula From petty traders to international merchants: a historical account of three Igbo women of Nigeria in trade and commerce, to Culture, kinship, and power: the evolution of royal slavery in nineteenth-century Kano.

Marriage and bridewealth in a matrilineal society: the case of the Tonga of Southern Zambia: Zambia marriage. Tropical forests and West African enterprise: the early history of the Ghana timber trade. Ghana tropical forest. The population history of Luanda during the late Atlantic slave trade, The invisible farmer? Women, gender, and colonial agricultural policy in the Igbo region of Nigeria, c. Nigeria colonialism Igbo people. Rural-to-rural migration as a factor in regional development of the Kano Plains.

Population pressure: a preliminary assessment with special reference to Kenya. Uganda ecotourism. Decentralization and Property Taxation in Rural Nigeria. Ghana ecotourism. Sinclair and the Making of Zanzibar Stone Town.

Ethiopia soil erosion. Mining, conflicts and livelihood struggles in a dysfunctional policy environment: the case of Wassa West District, Ghana. The importance of everyday encounters: young scholars reflect on fieldwork in Africa. Population censuses and changes in housing quality in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Urban thermals and rural oils — a tale of contemporary Africa. Mobilization and protest: the struggle to save Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya. Oromo people Ethiopia. Using mixed methods to visualize the water-health nexus: identifying problems, searching for solutions. Cape Town after apartheid: crime and governance in the divided city.

Chinese economic expansionism in Africa: a theoretical analysis of the environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis in the Forest Sector in Cameroon. South Africa cooperation. African Geographical Review Routledge. Ghana Savannah trees resist fires Will biomedicine outgrow support?

Regional determinants of road traffic accidents in Nigeria: identifying risk areas in need of intervention. Settlement, protracted displacement, and repatriation at Mayukwayukwa in western Zambia. Tanzania climate change adaptation to global warming. Comparative urban food geographies in Blantyre and Gaborone.

Examining the correlates of gender equality and the empowerment of married women in Zambia. An Intensity Analysis of land-use and land-cover change in Karatu District, Tanzania: community perceptions and coping strategies. Tanzania land cover. Informal economic activity in Kenya: benefits and drawbacks. Kenya economic activity. Childhood anaemia in Ghana: An examination of associated socioeconomic and health factors.

The impact of legislative framework governing waste management and collection in South Africa. Characterizing the spatio-temporal fire regime in Ethiopia using the MODIS-active fire product: a replicable methodology for country-level fire reporting. Exploring the frequency of hydroclimate extremes on the River Niger using historical data analysis and Monte Carlo methods.

Online forums uniting physical and cultural landscapes as method to enhance international conservation research ties. Gender, power, and religious transnationalism among the African diaspora in Canada. Progress of water service providers in meeting millennium development goals in Kenya. Biofuels, land grabbing and food security in Africa. War and embodied memory: becoming disabled in Sierra Leone.

Producing an urban system for the spatial development of Ghana: Lessons for sub-Saharan Africa. Ian E. Yeboah Samuel N. Codjoe John K. Maingi Yeboah, I. Codjoe, S. Maingi, J. Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa. Exponential urban density functions. Commemorating and forgetting: challenges for the New South Africa. The rhetoric and reality of community empowerment in coastal conservation: a case study from Menai Bay Conservation Area, Tanzania.

Provision of critical infrastructure in urban hinterland and rural coastland of southwestern Nigeria: comparing the efforts of CBOs. Building apartheid: on architecture and order in imperial Cape Town. A spatio-temporal analysis of peri-urbanisation in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study from Lobatse, Botswana.

Oil discovery in Turkana County, Kenya: a source of conflict or development? Applying the theory of planned behavior to explain geospatial data sharing for urban planning and management: cases from urban centers in Tanzania.

Foreign intervention in Africa: from the cold war to the war on terror. The global health threat of African urban slums: the example of urban tuberculosis. Land use and land cover change and its implications in Kagera river basin, East Africa. A field assessment of land use systems and soil properties at varied landscape positions in a fragile ecosystem of Mount Elgon, Uganda.

A political ecology of high-input agriculture in northern Ghana. Welcoming refugees in the rainbow nation: contemporary attitudes towards refugees in South Africa. The role of democracy in the creation of an enabling environment for nonprofit organizations in the US and Ghana. Affordable housing options for all in a context of developing capitalism: can housing transformations play a role in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana?

Should I stay or should I go? Incorporating a commitment to fieldwork throughout an academic career. Food and nutrition assistance to HIV-infected and affected populations in Ghana: A situational analysis and stakeholder views. Angela El-Adas Richard N. El-Adas, A. Amenyah, R. Atuahene, K. Asare, E. Tenkorang, E. Laar, M. Adjei, A. Quakyi, I. Interrogating the technocratic neoliberal agenda for agricultural development and hunger alleviation in Africa.

Implications of supermarket expansion on urban food security in Cape Town, South Africa. Silence of the leaders: alcohol policy-making in Malawi. Geographical analysis of voter apathy in presidential elections between and in Nigeria. Mapping the determinants of child mortality in Nigeria: estimates from mortality index. Determinants of Integrated Soil Fertility Management adoption under annual cropping system in Arsamma watershed, southwestern Ethiopian Highlands. Nature-based tourism in Mole National Park, Ghana.

Effective use of mixed methods in African livelihoods research. Elijah Bisung Diana M. Schuster-Wallace Susan J. Ecological sanitation: a sustainable goal with local choices. A case study from Taita Hills, Kenya. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible.

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There are many reasons to look for a new or a Introduction With so many different torrent sites out there nowadays, it can be really difficult to find one that Introduction Named after a very popular brand of video codec, DivX Total is a public torrent tracker that allows u Introduction There is a growing community of people around the world who refuse to accept subpar Introduction When it comes time to find a new torrent site for downloading free indie TV shows, there are a great Introduction Private tracker websites are only cool till you have access to them and they also come with their own With a VPN that allows torrenting, you'll never have to worry about your online privacy again.

If you don't have a VPN already, come check out my list of the best Private Networks available before you download another torrent! Introduction Picking the perfect VPN for torrenting can be a daunting and confusing task. Introduction How many times have you wanted to watch some show on Netflix and it w Introduction The internet is not always a fun and helpful place.

Introduction There are a lot of VPN services out there that are all talk. Many of them claim Introduction Online privacy and security are 2 increasingly rare commodities in our digital world. Introduction What do you prioritize when you are looking for a new VPN for torrenting? Introduction When you are looking for a good VPN for torrenting, what are some of the things that you are looking What is Mac Torrent Download? Mac Torrent Download is an open torrent website for open-source apps and software fo Introduction Ru Storka is, as the name suggests a torrent tracker from Russia.

Introduction Torrent trackers are only getting better. Introduction Programming software can be costly and downloading them from an open torrent website can be a cumbers Introduction YGG Torrent is probably not the first site that you think of when you think of public torrent tracker Introduction Research papers and the thesis of remarkable authors can be a great source of knowledge and can be pr Introduction Torrent tracking websites have been around for a long time.

Introduction Tracker websites can be a great source to get free indie content. Introduction The main reason why most of the torrent users are always longing to be a part of a private tracker co Introduction Torrent sites - private or otherwise, are used by millions of people around the world. Introduction An extensive variety of torrents, multiple genres, and incredible download speed are some of the best Introduction Torrent websites are known for adding and hiding ads on their website to get more clicks that result Introduction Private torrent trackers are revered because of their functionality.

Introduction Audio News is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Introduction We have found a website that offers free indie content to the users without compromising on quality. Seedbox What is a seedbox? Why would I need to use one?

Are seedboxes safe? What kinds of download speeds can you get with one? Are they expensive? Come check out the definitive list of the best seedboxes to learn the answers to these questions and find the right one for you today! Introduction After you have been torrenting for a while, there comes a time when you may be looking to up your gam Introduction When it comes time to find a seed box in order to up your torrenting game, it can be difficult to fig Introduction If you have spent much time researching seed boxes before, then you already know how much quality, pe Introduction With a name like Ultra Seed Box, hopes are high going into this seed box review.

TV Shows Torrent Sites Are you looking for the best of the best when it comes to downloading torrent files of your favoritepublic domain and free indie TV shows? On Torrent Sites, you will find a comprehensive list of the most popular torrent websites for free indie TV shows as well as plenty of the more obscure, invite-only torrent communities too.

If a TV torrent site is worth knowing about, you will be able to read a thorough review of it here. Come check out my list of the best torrent sites, and begin downloading your favorite free indie series today! Introduction Private torrent tracking sites are growing each year.

Introduction Being a part of a private torrent community is an honor for many. What is TorrentBytes? Amiina December 7. Amiina Kola Lighthouse Version. Amiina AnimaminA EP - 4. Low Roar Intro feat. Amiina Hilli Lighthouse Version. Amiina Ugla. Amiina Kolapot. Amiina Cocoon. Amiina Avalon. Amiina Drop. Amiina Vega. Amiina Leather And Lace. Amiina Soar. Amiina Tvisturinn. Amiina Boga. Amiina Christmas Songs. Amiina Hilli. Amiina Monochrome. Amiina Atlas Instrumental.

Amiina December 1st. Amiina Stella. Low Roar Easy Way Out feat. Low Roar Anything You Need feat. Amiina Cosmos. Amiina Soar Instrumental. Amiina Winter premix dec. Amiina Crocodile. Amiina Sexfaldur. Amiina Ammaelis.

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