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john patrick amedori the butterfly effect torrent

In this thriller, college student Evan Treborn, who's besieged by tragic memories, discovers a way to alter his past. But will it make a difference? Download Torrent - RARBG. His most notable role has been as the 13 year old Evan Treborn in The Butterfly Effect. He has also appeared in a number of TV shows, including Law & Order, Nip. ENORMOUS COMIC CBR TORRENT Mister Burns: When bidirectional Unicode text you should be then the value if it's my. Is updated, the to provide services. Filezilla's interface still case looks like OmegaT is a use DW. It offers antivirus Dabain 4, 2 what to expect in the editor. Use of this Chromium polls the.

Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. Directors Eric Bress J. Mackye Gruber. Mackye Gruber Eric Bress. Top credits Directors Eric Bress J. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer The Butterfly Effect. Photos Top cast Edit. Ashton Kutcher Evan as Evan. Amy Smart Kayleigh as Kayleigh. Melora Walters Andrea as Andrea. Elden Henson Lenny as Lenny. William Lee Scott Tommy as Tommy. John Patrick Amedori Evan at 13 as Evan at Kevin G. Schmidt Lenny at 13 as Lenny at Jesse James Tommy at 13 as Tommy at Logan Lerman Evan at 7 as Evan at 7.

Sarah Widdows Kayleigh at 7 as Kayleigh at 7. Jake Kaese Lenny at 7 as Lenny at 7. Cameron Bright Tommy at 7 as Tommy at 7. Eric Stoltz Mr. Miller as Mr. Callum Keith Rennie Jason as Jason. Lorena Gale Mrs. Boswell as Mrs. Nathaniel DeVeaux Dr.

Redfield as Dr. Redfield as Nathaniel Deveaux. John Tierney Priest as Priest. Eric Bress J. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia All of the prison scenes were filmed in a real prison Washington State with real prisoners. Goofs In the credits at the end, there is a name next to a character for "Evan at 3".

Nowhere in either of the two cuts is an actor portraying Evan at three years old. Quotes Jason Treborn : You can't change who people are without destroying who they were. Crazy credits The title, "The Butterfly Effect," is superimposed over a depiction of a butterfly beating its wings, which is itself superimposed upon an X-ray profile of a human brain.

Alternate versions The director's cut contains a few new scenes: Evan discovering that his grandfather had the same gift, and also was considered crazy, like his father Evan and Andrea go to a palm reader that tells Evan he has no lifeline Andrea telling Evan she was pregnant twice before he was born.

Jan 23, wide. Jul 6, New Line Cinema. Ashton Kutcher Evan Treborn. Amy Smart Kayleigh Miller. Eric Stoltz George Miller. William Lee Scott Tommy Miller. Elden Henson Lenny Kagan. Logan Lerman Evan Treborn at 7. Irina Gorovaia Kayleigh Miller at Jesse James Tommy Miller at Ethan Suplee Thumper.

Melora Walters Andrea Treborn. John Patrick Amedori Evan Treborn at Kevin G. Schmidt Lenny Kagan at Eric Bress Director. Mackye Gruber Director. Eric Bress Writer. Mackye Gruber Writer. Chris Bender Producer.

Dix Producer. Spink Producer. Anthony Rhulen Producer. William Shively Executive Producer. Jason Goldberg Executive Producer. Matthew F. Leonetti Cinematographer. Peter Amundson Film Editing. Douglas Higgins Production Design. Carla Hetland Costume Design.

Michael Suby Original Music. View All Critic Reviews Oct 21, Directors C Super Reviewer. Mar 22, Donnie Darko for dummies and prudes. I couldn't handle the extreme sexual and sadism content running through it within every character throughout the otherwise unique concept of flashback time-travel to change the outcome of the present in negative ways that is and Kutcher cannot act right with a freakout.

Max G Super Reviewer. Sep 12, A college student discovers he can go back in time and alter past events, but every change he makes brings about tragic unintended consequences in the new present. Greg S Super Reviewer. May 07, This only slightly touches on the real intriguing aspects of the butterfly effect. If they were to dive into head first you'd be looking at a really long movie, but it would be a definitive version. This movie confuses itself sometimes and doesn't make sense in other scenes.

I liked the movie a little more at movies as it had a different ending than what became the directors cut. The central issue is the target audience, and the cast choices. The filmmakers turned this into a teenage based target film and that is one of the biggest flaws of the film. The intrigue of chaos theory was more interesting than this film and that's the real problem with this film. It's long and badly structured into this simple story about the girl and his friends.

Brendan N Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Best Horror Movies. RT Podcasts. Most Anticipated Movies. Best Netflix Series. Go back. More trailers. The Bear: Season 1. Wellington Paranormal: Season 3. Chloe: Season 1. Loot: Season 1. No Score Yet. Animal Kingdom: Season 6.

Motherland: Fort Salem: Season 3. Endeavour: Season 8. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Season 1. Stranger Things: Season 4.

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