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Two sisters whose mother was taken away to a prison camp share their early memories. They are still scared to talk about the events openly, because it would put their fatherland in a negative light, and there are plenty of others who would prefer to forget this dark chapter of history altogether. The Red Soul shows how the past lives on in present-day Russia, and thus makes its mark on the future. Director Finlay Pretsell has Millar tell his own story, and allows us to feel the impact the sport has on the cyclist.

Simply by filming the cyclists, sometimes in slow motion, sometimes blurred and shaky, Pretsell makes us feel as if we too are slogging through the rain. We experience the euphoria of the race, but also the tedium. Music evocative of the piercing, repetitive rattle of a bicycle chain captures the endlessness of the route. The swelling, hypnotic sounds underlying the slow-motion footage make the peloton seem like a heard of hunted animals driven ever onwards.

Time Trial shows just how far a man will go in his will to win. This is an apt summary of what happened during the time director Bernadett Tuza-Ritter spent filming her. Marish has been exploited and abused for more than 10 years by the woman for whom she toils as a housekeeper—entirely unpaid. She even has to hand over the money she earns with an extra job as a cleaner in a factory.

Can she ever learn to trust people again? Here the old question arises as to how much the presence of the camera influences the course of events. Cautiously, Marish starts to take Tuza-Ritter into her confidence. She dreams of seeing her daughter again. Will she find the courage to take a step forward in her life? The competitions are made possible by Ammodo.

The film offers a close-up view of a wide range of creatures—such as the insect that appears out of the melting snow, gradually begins to move and impatiently waits until all its legs are free so it can fly away. The scale of the portraits is sometimes grand and at other times modest, but always filmed with precision, whether in daylight or at night. He also makes whodunits that he films, directs and edits himself at home.

He dedicates a lot of time to these self-created crime stories, which are raw and filled with foul language. His grandmother—a small and frail year-old—is his partner in crime and most important costar. She helps him create the dialogues and plays dangerous criminals with zest, even when it involves wearing a fuchsia wig.

For Juan, the films are an escape and a means to express himself. But with her health declining, how long can his grandmother continue to do this for her vulnerable grandson? Eleven of them have volunteered to take part in a theater play. Their reasons vary: some see it as asmall break from the tedium of prison life, some regard it as therapy, and others approach it as a practice run for when they return to society.

The rehearsals serve as the leitmotif for this balanced portrait that subtly frees these women from the stigma of being criminals. The women talk as mothers, daughters and wives. They miss their families and wrestle with the guilt of losing so many years behind bars. The director uses various techniques to present these women as three-dimensional characters: close-up interviews about their fears, beautifully framed shots of the daily collective routines of jail life, images from surveillance cameras that emphasize how their lives are controlled, and of course the climatic final performance.

At school, Oleg learns about the bomb shelter and what to do when encountering a landmine. While many have left this dangerous area, Oleg remains with his grandmother, who has taken care of him since the death of his mother. This observational film follows a year in the life of Oleg, and emphasizes the warm bond he has with his grandmother. Meanwhile, the boys also find the war exciting, especially when a neighbor teaches them how to use a gun. They make maximum use of the minimal Space inside these huts, furnishing them with cupboards, shelves, lamps, curtains and ornaments.

The beach is a microcosm of Italian life, including the financial crisis that the vacationers would prefer to forget about. In observational style, Happy Winter follows the beverage salesman who trudges through the sand with a heavy cooler full of water, beer and soda—and encourages his son to aim for a better job when he grows up. There are men playing poker, teenagers playing volley ball, middle-aged friends frolicking in the sea like children, and an aspiring politician trying to win votes on the beach.

She travels the world to perform her partly improvised impulsos at unusual venues such as modern art museums. This bio-doc follows Molina in the months leading up to a new show at Chaillot National Theater in Paris. Rehearsals and performances alternate with interviews with family members, friends, colleagues and accompanying musicians. Her mother explains how as a small and somewhat stocky girl wearing a pink ballet outfit, Molina found herself in Madrid surrounded by stylish flamenco dancers dressed in the more traditional black costumes.

But from there she rapidly rose to the peak of her profession. Molina wants to give flamenco a sense of contemporary urgency. She wears plastic wrap rather than the classic voluminous, spotted dress, as she stamps and sways her way across the stage floor like a giant insect. This powerful dancer exudes an utterly original creativity and infectious energy in performances that give full vent to the primal power of flamenco. In this ambitious visual essay, Willem Baptist explores the visionary genius of Edwin H.

Land, the inventor of the Polaroid camera. Even today, all sorts of people are keeping his instant dream alive. Former Polaroid employee Stephen Herchen moved from the United States to Europe to work in a laboratory developing the 2. The soundtrack is as evocative as the sometimes hypnotically expressive imagery, with archive footage, interviews and gorgeous chemical reactions crisscrossing paths in a veritable rollercoaster of color and light.

After carrying out several successful attacks on Muslims in the early s, the group developed a plan to destroy the Dome of the Rock. According to former agents of Shin Bet, if they had succeeded it could have sparked nuclear war in the Middle East—perhaps even a new World War. Director Shai Gal reconstructs the events in the form of a detective story with dramatizations and interviews with key figures, including the perpetrators, who claim they have nothing to hide.

As Gal shows, the ties between members of the Jewish Underground and the Israeli political sphere are stronger than ever. They love soccer and their phones. In their Himalayan village, their father oversees a Buddhist temple that has been in the family for generations. He hopes his son will one day take over his duties. He would prefer that Gyembo leave his modern English-language school in favor of a monk school.

In this thoughtful and tender portrait of a Bhutanese family, the generation gap is as large as their love for one another. Nonetheless, he still tries to convince his son that being a monk offers many advantages. Meanwhile, Tashi feels more like a boy than a girl, and dreams of a life as a pro soccer player.

She wants to attend a soccer camp that would be the first step in being selected for the national team. Unfortunately, though happiness is high on the political agenda in Bhutan, not all wishes come true. Teo won't accept responsibilities and is facing expulsion.

Anicka and Nikola are making a real mess of things at Memphis Beach, the hotel in Greece where they're interning, and the unpleasant owner makes them mop the floors. The idea of independence is tempting, but these young people aren't quite ready for adult life. The protagonists in each of the three chapters are filmed at their most vulnerable moments, and their conversations are strikingly natural. Together with directors Lukas Kokes and Klara Tasovska, we're right in there with them.

Their most important possession is a torch that was lit in and has remained so ever since. The area where they live is encircled by farms and sawmills, whose almost inevitable expansion is taking place through violent means. So Jair Candor, coordinator for the protection of these areas, treks into the jungle in search of them, sometimes accompanied by their sole surviving family member Rita.

Piripkura sheds light on the tragedy befalling indigenous Amazon people—the systematic violence used against them is a constant menacing presence. Despite the impressive resilience and tenacity of the last of the Piripkura, an inevitable question hangs in the air: how long can it last?

In his private life, however, things seldom work out with much mathematical precision. His relationship with his mother Silvija is particularly complicated. He discusses his inexplicable fear of his mother with his therapist, who would prefer for Raitis to look for a wife and organize his overflowing apartment. But when Raitis reports Silvija to the police for emotional blackmail, bringing some order into his adult life becomes all the more difficult.

Recording as an omnipresent, invisible presence, the camera exposes these crippled relations in long, drawn-out scenes. The ease with which Raitis can do complex sums in his head contrasts starkly with the difficulties he experiences in his relationships. The extremely intimate footage becomes ever more excruciating, as it almost heartlessly exposes how a mother-son relationship that was destructive to start with deteriorates even further.

His heroic photos, which compellingly illustrate his testimony in the film, were—and still are today—an important tool of government propaganda. As a firm supporter of the Iranian Revolution at the time, he photographed soldiers singing on their way to the front, and he was quite prepared to give his own life. But now he is tormented every night by nightmares of dying comrades pleading for help. Remorsefully, mostly in voice-over, he contemplates his shared responsibility for the deaths of countless soldiers, many of whom were very young.

Interspersed with archive footage, this stylishly-composed portrait is also an essay on ideology, propaganda and the power of the image. Only at the end of the war did the scales fall from Sadeghi's eyes. He traverses landscapes filled with silent witnesses in search of people he photographed at the time, hoping to meet a few of those who survived.

For nearly a century now, the village has been home to just seven families who have only four surnames. They once moved to this mountainous region fleeing war, and have eked out a simple life there ever since. This allows Xiao to get very close to the residents, whom he observes lovingly as they chop spices or firewood, carry huge trunks of bamboo on their shoulders or unhurriedly fashion an iron pipe from an old tube—here, everything Xiao Xiao: is recycled.

Filmmaker Melanie Gaertner first met him in Spain after he arrived by rubber boat seeking asylum. He was rejected and sent back. A year later, he calls Gaertner again. She films him on a Moroccan beach where he wants to make another attempt. He explains what drove him to leave his country and those people dear to his heart.

These are emotional moments filled with mixed feelings. They understand that Yves wants to escape the poverty and corruption, but still very much want to see him again. But can Yves return without having achieved success?

Meanwhile, Gaertner keeps meeting up with him to see how things are going. Two films are also part of other selections. We witness the painstaking activity of a fisherman in a Chinese village. The long shots have a meditative effect, while the often shaky footage from a GoPro camera shows the ongoing struggle between man and nature, both on the ice and in the water below.

An ode to the resilience and beauty of humanity and the world around us. Years later, five witnesses return to the scene. Until the day of the attack, their lives had been entirely different, and each of them was at the hotel for an entirely different reason. Now they share this traumatic experience. Personal stories, security camera footage and an interview with one of the perpetrators recreate the horrific night when the hotel and its guests were held under fire for hours.

The camerawork, editing and music conjure a sense of foreboding, and an impression of what it must have been like to be locked in a hotel room, hiding terrified under the bed, not knowing where the gunman might be. The effect that fear can have on a person Carina Molier: : ; ae. The traumatic event My Long Distance Friend raises existential questions about freedom, religion, vulnerability versus control, and the illusion of security.

We see people hiding and running between buildings—walking can be fatal in a city filled with sharpshooters. With the regime's soldiers attacking daily, bullets and bombs continue to flatten the city. And get ready for some real gallows humor in the Homs promotional video the cameramen decide to shoot, which praises the ruined city as a fine vacation destination. And so, one morning at 10 o'clock, 60 tense Italians take their place in a Court of Assizes that was, as one potential juror whispers, built under Mussolini.

The camera never gives an overview shot, but always films each individual in close-up. Their whispers, nervous questions, funny comments and discomfort are all captured and brought together in a soft cacophony full of reflection on this remarkable civic duty. Anything short of a surgical procedure they can take care of themselves. Each of them has his or her own specialities and methods.

For a toothache, hold a frog against your cheek. How does year-old Jorge do this? Meanwhile, the men won't let their wives see Jorge for anything. In this drily comic film with a light touch, the villagers tell us their stories, exposing the inaccuracy of their theories and the mystery concealed behind them. Using the very few resources available, they organize themselves as best they can into a basic society: cooking, trading, making music, celebrating birthdays and just getting through the day until the long night falls.

The absence of commentary is a blessing—the images alone say so much. But then woke up in the Calais jungle. But not for long: here too, the narrow alleyways are being replaced by vast shopping centers. To document what will soon have disappeared for good, filmmaker Hendrick Dusollier spends several months in the neighborhood. Assisted by these local guides, the film paints a moving portrait of a rapidly changing world, where slums are making way for gleaming high-rises, and traditions are equally being dismantled without compunction.

Eventually, he was betrayed by a friend and killed by a police bullet. In a tidy apartment, a woman is devotedly baking a cake. In voice-over, she talks about the fate of her son Ale, and home videos capture the family in better times.

In another chapter, during police questioning, a boy describes seeing his father kidnapped and robbed. An arrested suspect is led to a cell; in the mortuary, the corpse of a criminal is examined. None of these matters are directly related to Ale, but they are all variations on events in his life, and are all parts of the Same puzzle. Using different sources of footage, this multilayered documentary is more than just a family portrait with a reconstruction of tragic events.

The film offers insight into a society filled with contradictions, in which people have their own truths and mores and often live on the boundary of the law. What she wanted was to get to know him better by observing him on one of his photo trips. In the film that she ended up making anyway, father and daughter travel together to the Indian state of Kashmir, where political unrest prevails and violence is commonplace.

The elder Rai started taking photos in the s, and has now published more than 50 books. He is best known for his powerful series on the aftermath of the Bhopal toxic gas tragedy in , Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi. Avani films and photographs her father as he works—and as he instructs her on viewpoints and framing. In the process, the film becomes a portrait not only of a passionate photographer, but also of a father-daughter relationship in which the camera is a source of both connection and friction.

This passionate and charming storyteller uses his animated imagery to pull us into his highly personal vision of the world. The firm is a great microcosm for contemporary Russian society, and this is exactly how we get to know it in this witty satire, which has Bo Andersson, the new Swedish manager, in the leading role. The big question is whether Andersson can overcome this culture of corruption. Will this ambitious outsider, with all his experience in 18 Russian cities, be able to tame Avtovaz?

Hasta manana, si Dios quiere Ainara Vera Seventeen Franciscan nuns, all deep into their eighties, collectively run a convent somewhere in Spain. They begin at dawn with their religious duties and more worldly tasks such as mopping and sewing. In between, the nuns prepare for a birthday and judge the persimmon harvest. The camera is often set up in shadowy halls with doors from which nuns appear and disappear.

The filming is as patient as the women themselves have become over the years. In the past these nuns traveled the world to help people, but now their world is small. Their Holocaust-surviving parents were abused by the Nazis, then became abusers themselves—their fear and grief transformed into aggression and anger towards their children. For the first time on-screen, children of Holocaust survivors talk openly about the mental and physical suffering they experienced.

Stories of abuse contrast with cheerful-looking black-and-white photos of the families. The palpable inability to make contact is almost unbearable. Shadows asks the unavoidable questions: how long will the Holocaust continue to exert its evil influence on future generations, and how can the demons of the past be exorcised?

We discover a woman with a striking, disarmingly cheerful and inventive character. But these qualities conceal another, far more vulnerable and lonely figure. In the end we always find her, heartbreakingly and inevitably, back on her own in her makeshift shelter in a bleak, dark stairwell.

The fact that it still has its original paint says plenty about the vehicle's state of decay. There are three crucifixes hanging from the rear-view mirror, and before Bogdan drives the car onto the highway he crosses himself three times—in the hope of warding off death on the road.

One of the many trips they make is a journey into the past. This witty, at times tender observation of the everyday life of a mother and her son is occasionally punctured by the shadow of the war that marked so many lives. Ten projects are presented in this competition. Projects in this competition are also part of DocLab: Uncharted Rituals see page A woman roams around the streets alone. A passerby watches her, but she remains largely unnoticed by two military men loitering outside a restaurant.

At first, it seems as if very little is happening in the VR film Bloodless, but the opening texts have already told us that evil is lurking. The soldiers stationed there are more than aware of this quirk. Believe it or not, these places have seen millions of women going into prostitution and tens of thousands of crimes being committed. Bloodless is based on a shocking event that occurred in Endowed with a degree view, we must actively search for the upcoming calamity.

And as soon as we witness it in the last scene, we realize that the serene silence was actually lurid and brutal indifference. Bury Me, My Love Florent Maurin This surprising, interactive smartphone app was developed as a game in which the user takes on the role of Majd from Syria, whose young wife Nour is trying to leave the country.

The aim is to get Nour safely to an EU country, where she can claim political asylum, and where Majd can later join her. She starts her journey with a few thousand euros in her pocket and her most valuable possession, her phone. You, her husband, are her major source of support, advice and knowledge. You carry on intensive WhatsApp conversations with her. The app offers a real-time mode, including push messages, or you can choose an accelerated version. You'll pretty regularly be confronted with dilemmas, and you'll have to make choices, potentially with far-reaching consequences.

After all, you bear responsibility for the welfare of your fictional spouse. You will need all your focus as you puzzle together his story piece by piece. This challenge can easily have you hunkered over your phone or tablet for many hours as you solve different riddles and puzzles, maintain a dossier, try to find the right route using a compass and map and practice your shooting skills.

These cables make up the essential infrastructure for sending all our emails, websites, photos, films and of course emoticons. Among the submerged cities, drowned sailors and hidden histories, the ocean is home to a complex communications network. Here, the technol- ogies controlled by the West expand along the old colonial routes, so in a way the cables are the hardware of a new, electronic imperialism.

Deep Down Tidal is a video essay in typical net. Your instincts take you by the hand and unconsciously give meaning to the places you come across. A beautifully designed book, a map on your phone and audio stories help you to explore how your experi- ences color your environment. A map without roads leads you to water, borders, homes and more.

By way of an almost poetic reflection, you make your own route to explore the city you're in, and at the same time you hear stories from the disap- pearing swamps of Louisiana, the rising Tunisian Sahara and deserted Latvian villages. As every story will always be connected with the place you first heard it, this walking tour attaches memories to the places you visit on your route.

Its graphic design is striking: a click of the mouse sends waves, sands or winds to wipe out Eliza Fraser's words, erasing her lies and replacing them with the truth. Thanks to growing recognition for Aboriginal Australians, the famous Ayers Rock now regained its original name, Uluru. This is the aim of the VR film Limbo: no talking heads or footage of wandering Africans, but a dive into the head of an asylum seeker.

Your gaze roams a black-and-white ghost town to a house where other asylum seekers wait, seemingly forever, for their interview with the immigration officer. This interview is like a nightmare. Sound effects move the voice of the interviewer around you. His blurred form also moves around: first in front of you, then beside or behind. Poppy Interactive Antoinette de Jong, Robert Knoth World Premiere As we discover in this interactive documentary, the nexus between war and organized crime is tight and complex.

Documentary makers Antionette de Jong and Robert Knoth have brought together their extensive research to create a website with a clear naviga- tional structure. The user can unravel an impressive network of insurgents and terrorists, drug cartels and other criminal organizations. A journey through various locations and times shows how drug money destabilizes parts of the world, fuels conflict and allows a worldwide illegal economy to grow.

In Poppy Interactive, we meet the families who grow the poppies, heroin addicts in prison in Kyrgyzstan, a community fighting to prevent drug deaths, and poorly-paid border guards in Tajikistan. We also see big, black leather suitcases in the first row of a plane, a plane crash in Mali, a party in London and luxury villas in Dubai. You could use interviews, archive footage or reenactments, or you could do something completely new.

Director Wes Hurley chose virtual reality. In the short documentary Potato Dreams, the mother and son discuss homophobia and Russian prisons, while we are free to explore the surrounding images. Turn around and you see four different tableaus, each with depictions of the prevailing melancholy, fear and pain. As a final calm image fills the entire degrees, we arrive at the peace that the mother and her son have been seeking for so long. Previously surrounded by a loving family and her inseparable doll, Patima only has a vague notion of war.

That is, until the bombings force her family to leave everything behind to find safety. People are now convinced that a full Japanese invasion is imminent, and her family flees to the south, along with half of the town. It quickly becomes apparent that the family cannot stay together.

Contemporary Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee made the refined and gray-tinted artwork in this interactive experience. The story is that she fell madly in love with him as a year-old girl, ended up pregnant and was forced to give up the baby in a convent. Her memories are so vivid it seems worthwhile to go in search of this Bob.

But finding someone you're not even sure exists turns out to be a really difficult undertaking. Swinging from hope to despair, sadness to hilarity, and from genuine doubt to surprising discoveries, the story penetrates ever deeper into the gray areas of the brain as it succumbs to dementia. This layered, self-conscious montage of musings, ambient sound, subtle music and interviews with experts and others creates a landscape in which the truth is never simple, even when discovered.

The mysterious Bob eventually proves to be a great cliffhanger, effortlessly drawing the listener into the next episode. The Cave changes all of this. The exact location of visitors is determined using special sensors, allowing them to roam around freely, for example to examine the cave paintings up close. You can even hold up a virtual candle to illuminate these artworks, or open a magic book to get more information on the history of the paintings.

The experience is so overwhelming that it comes as a great disappointment when the minute tour is over and you have to get back to reality. This VR experience is actually a virtual dance party spread across several spaces. The user moves rhythmically from room to room, and can choose different perspec- tives within these rooms.

As soon as you put on the headset, however, you're inside the music video alongside all performers. Using two controllers, you can be a performer yourself and fill a room with your dances. Group choreographies are created by adding multiple instances of a contribution on top of each other.

Dance Tonite is a moderated platform accessible to everyone through the web, without requiring any apps or downloads. The process is suddenly going much faster than predicted. How is this happening, and what does it mean for the rest of the world? NASA is trying to find out, and two of its scientists explain how.

Provided you are willing to get down on your knees and look underwater, it becomes clear that warmer sea currents are eroding the ice from below. Made partly using 3D data visualization, photogrammetry and videogrammetry, this degree VR film allows us to experience the reality behind all the facts and statistics about melting ice caps.

We get an idea of the scale involved from a glacier in the distance that suddenly looms over us, almost close enough to touch—this was the size of this gigantic glacier back in Many of them rent a room with a host family to make the most of the exchange experience, and both the student and the family get to know another culture.

Homestay is a virtual reality story about a Canadian family who hosts a Japanese exchange student named Taro. The VR experience is a linear progression that takes place in a world of delicately folded paper, inspired by the Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver. We can use the control to manipulate the environment, and turned-up corners invite us to pull on the paper and tear it. This makes us aware of the fragility of our environment as we progress through this moving story.

Often things aren't as easy as they seem. Swear to Tell the Truth Anagram International Premiere This interactive tour, combining audio guide, documentary and physical experience, prompts participants to consider the influence of fake news. Experts throw fasci- nating light on news reports about the war in Syria—the first war to reach us by internet.

There are already more minutes of footage of this war online than the conflict has lasted. What mental picture do you have of Syria, and how did you form that picture? Participants use a booklet to complete assignments, alone or together, to help them reflect on the constant cacophony of news footage, propaganda, YouTube clips, personal stories and fake reports on social media that form the bewil- dering fog of contradictions we all find ourselves in.

This interactive experience goes further than the familiar idea that fake news is the latest evil that only affects other people. For example, a neuroscientist explains how we are more receptive to confir- mation of our assumptions than contradiction of them.

The result is an alarming message about the consumption of truth and reality in the internet age. They offer us convenience at the cost of privacy and our own control over our lives. They force their way into our personal space and take on a specific role in the place where a major part of our identity is formed: our home. Should we leave such a serious task to technology and the few developers behind it?

Lauren McCarthy attempts to win back control from the devices by offering herself to the public as a human version of Alexa, Amazon's smart home system. She remotely watches over the participants for three days, 24 hours a day, and controls every aspect of their home, from the installed cameras to the doorlocks and water faucets. An ambiguous relationship emerges between human, machine and human.

During IDFA, McCarthy will present the project as an installation and a live performance, inviting the audience to observe as she assists people in their morning ritual in Los Angeles. Learning to See: Hello World! Memo Akten When activated, an artificial deep neural network is like a newborn baby. Just as the new human brain is fitted with millions of synapses, an artificial intelligence that has just seen the light of day already has a complete internal architecture.

Every piece of information it receives is new and unintelligible. But the system learns with incredible speed by recognizing patterns in what it observes and comparing all new forms of input with what it has seen before. In this way, it expands its worldview in order to contextu- alize future observations. With the help of live input from cameras, artist Memo Akten investigates how machine learning works. The way in which the computer trains itself sheds light on the development of the human brain.

But when does learning become understanding? Is this a purely human capability, or is it something computers will one day also master? Without our knowing it, big companies like Google and Microsoft are registering patents for advanced smart glasses, which scan the environment and add information to the image—like Pokemon GO, but applied to make everyday life easier. That is, if the smart glasses you are wearing have all the patents available, because it looks like the tech giants will be competing for the handiest options.

One company owns the rights to scanning common hand gestures, while the other holds a patent on helping you to cross the road. Patent Alert exposes this dubious impending scenario. Visitors experience the special HoloLens themselves, only to be confronted by the patenting obstacles that future apps will face. The tone is tongue-in-cheek, but the experience raises thought-provoking questions.

How much control over your life are you prepared to give up in exchange for convenience? It makes a lot more sense to think about this now than in another two decades. Watertight Caitlin Robinson, Ziv Schneider World Premiere Over the past 50 years, the number of people in the average household has fallen drastically.

For the first time in the history of the Western world, the one-person household has become the dominant mode of living. For their installation Watertight, artists Ziv Schneider and Caitlin Robinson selected 12 New Yorkers who live alone for different reasons, and documented them and their home interiors with a portable 3D scanner. They show the homes as capsules that reflect the identity of their inhabitants, and are also reminiscent of the protective shells of hermit crabs.

The series of portraits offers a cross-section of a contemporary demographic phenomenon—a form of present-day archeology. In Alicia, we watch as she becomes a teenager, still craving safety and love. Over the course of three years, filmmaker Maasja Ooms follows her daily life up close. Deaf Child Doof kind Alex de Ronde World Premiere Tobias was already a year old when his parents were confronted with the news that he'd been born deaf.

Their automatic reaction to this diagnosis was to moderate their expectations—a deaf child, they assumed, was surely destined for an isolated, disadvantaged life. The childhood photos, home movies and frank conversations with Tobias and his brother reveal how, despite early setbacks, Tobias has grown into a charismatic young man with a sense of humor and lucid insights into life as a deaf person. Alex and his two sons form a tight-knit family in which mutual respect and honesty are key.

Music: Paul M. The crime appears to be linked to three similar cases. Apart from the interviewer and the interviewee, there are three cameras present in the room recording the conversation in fly-on-the-wall style. Both interlocutors are well aware of the presence of these cameras. The tone of the conversation is characterized by mutual respect and friendly urgency, and it is also exceptionally candid. In a long, thorough session, the police officer takes the military man through his statement.

The stories of a crime and a criminal unfold simultaneously, and ina highly sophisticated fashion. Gradually, the significance of the found footage sequences intercut with the interview recording becomes clear, and Paul M. But since the first signs of Alzheimer's, the father-in-law of filmmaker Marco Niemeijer prefers his own backyard above anywhere else.

There, surrounded by his beloved trees and plants, Leo tries to keep hold of his increasingly confusing existence. Over the course of a year, Niemeijer films Leo every month, from season to season. Whether rain or shine, Leo can always be found in his trouble-free refuge.

At first his words and actions are coherent, but as time passes, these become increasingly illogical. Leo begins to wander more aimlessly, playing with a thought and then losing it. Leo prefers not to speak about problems or illness—though his inspired explanations of the garden's different plants unconsciously refer to his own demise.

As a first step, he forces Metin to live alone for a month, away from his mother, with whom he has a relationship that borders on too close. The twentysomething Metin doesn't really know what to do with himself—his friends consider him smart and creative, but he never applies these traits to actions.

Instead, he wants to make people think about what a successful life entails. Millennials will recognize a lot in Independent Boy, as will anyone who has ever been in their twenties. Lady of the Harbour Sean Wang World Premiere A Chinese man, who once fled China on foot before finding a home in Greece and starting a successful business, wanders the packed corridors of a Greek ferry.

He looks kindly at the exhausted refugees wrapped in blankets, while he talks in voice-over about his own privations, giving us a different perspective on the European refugee crisis. This man is a volunteer on a team led by Suzanne, also from China, who thinks that the Chinese community should help their adopted homeland of Greece. Under her tireless leadership, all kinds of aid are distributed: on Lesbos, in Pireaus, in the center of Athens—wherever she finds refugees.

Suzanne is an inimitable whirlwind who draws in everyone around her, from her shabby-looking Greek husband to a high- strung dog, a drunk professor and a wayward daughter. The only thing she cannot totally overcome is the skepticism of her Chinese acquaintances.

Together with her coach Martijn de Jong and partner Roemer Trompert, she plans out the final phase of her impressive career as a mixed martial arts fighter. It involves one more fight, and then onward to defend her title. Director Victor Vroegindeweij follows her over these months using his characteristic style that combines a sense of space with intimacy—the big picture next to the unexpected detail.

Will it be triumph or defeat? How much will she need to sacrifice? What exactly is going on behind that delicately featured yet intense face? During private training sessions, Coenen can express her nervousness, pains and doubts. In contrast, her public appearances in the ring exhibit tightly-braided hair, shiny abs and rushing adrenaline. Accompanying the choreography of kicking, hitting, wrestling, evading and scoring points, a voiceover reflects on the essence of fighting.

Nobody could have known that two of the boys in the picture would go on to make film history: they were director Sergio Leone and composer Ennio Morricone. Another boy sat between this duo destined for world fame. What could have become of him? Denise Janzee took the photo back to Trastevere to discover the identity of the unknown boy. But not everyone sees its importance. Why would you make a film about an ordinary person, when you can see ordinary people anywhere?

As the picture of this unknown man gradually emerges, My Name Is Nobody also profiles the interviewees, the neighborhood and a society in which fame is regarded as the utmost virtue—so if nobody has ever heard of you, what do you have left? Two men who claim they had never met Piet before came home to discover him on their couch, his clothes in the wash and a meal warming up in the oven.

They gave him dry clothes and sent him on his way. After that, Piet was never seen again. Did he have an accident? Did he commit suicide? Was he murdered? But mistakes in the investigation—lazy police work, witnesses left uninterviewed and bureaucratic errors—generate more questions than answers.

In understated frontal shots, old friends and acquaintances, housemates and family members talk about the disappearance, which is reconstructed in detail from the accounts of the last people to see him, interviews with police officers and a new, private investigation. With wisdom beyond their years, the young patients often suffer more from the intensive treatment than they do from the disease itself.

The medical staff never loses patience, but the next patient is always waiting. Parents and nurses are generally hands and voices in the background. The camerawork is dominated by close-ups, reinforcing our empathy with the children in their loneliness.

Interviews with four inhabitants of Aleppo form the backbone of this cinematic essay about the chaos in the country. The images of a city in ruins—a gray haze filtering them like dust from the bombed-out buildings on Thomas Vroege: me vee oat 6 ed the lens—are accompanied by the lamentations of mourning female voices.

The inter- DCP, color, 71 min So Help Me God sai 9 Days from My Window viewees discuss the first mass demonstration in , the formation of the rebel army Director: Thomas Vroege in Aleppo and the torture it suffered at the hands of the regime.

They go on to talk about fleeing Cinematography: Christian Paulussen Greetings from Aleppo to the West, while we see discomforting infrared shots of masses of people on the move. The climate is harsh, the roads are bad and the views are gray and rocky. In the rural village where he lives, time seems to have stood still. The teenager earns extra money herding sheep, helping the local cheesemaker and planting potatoes. Home at the kitchen table, his mother reads aloud from the Bible, but Bandura has other things on his mind: he wants to travel to the moon.

Between his daily duties, he begins to build an actual rocket and to plan out his future. By selling sheep, he can make enough money to catch a boat to the United States, where he can start asking around about where to study to become a space traveler. Even though time appears to have come to a halt here, with a bit of fantasy—which our protagonist has plenty of—Javakheti by night really does look like the lunar landscape.

Despite all his attempts to prove himself, he is overcome by self-doubt. But his mother and others try to make him question whether this is actually what he wants. Isn't all this longing for attention and acknowledgment actually a hindrance to him? Against the backdrop of an industrial city in Poland, we watch as Tony searches for liberation in this coming-of-age drama. Three people tormented by electromagnetic radiation tell us what they feel, what this does to their lives and how they try to get away from it.

This alternates with the reassuring sounds of water flowing, birds singing and the rustle of a forest—far away from transmitters, mobile phone traffic and electricity. Some of the victims see this as a solution and go seeking out white spots. Others find solace in caves or use aluminum foil as a weapon in the struggle against the waves. Dark Waves is an artistic film inspired by a range of interviews with people who suffer from the constant presence of radiation.

Find Fix Finish Mila Zhluktenko, Sylvain Cruiziat When we think of warfare, we usually think of soldiers taking on the enemy at close range in a savage life-or-death battle. In recent years, however, this is by no means always the case. High in the skies above Afghanistan, drones are flying, directly controlled from a screen somewhere in the United States. All it takes is to go through a fixed series of protocols and press a button, and the target is then eliminated.

In this short documentary, drone pilots talk about this chilling work. For days, weeks, even months on end, they stare at the private lives of strangers, knowing that they hold the power of life or death over them. They candidly share all the details, but the identities of these remote-control pilots are protected.

We only hear their voices as we watch calm, objective imagery taken from miles up in the sky—a cold-blooded distance that receives an attractive visual twist. In one such aerial recording, on a beach, we see small, anonymous figures teeming across the screen.

In the long shadows they cast on the sand, we recognize human beings. In a fascinating shot lasting almost 12 minutes, we watch this girl— braids, red dress, white knee socks, fighting against the wind—as she experiences her moment in the spotlight. Armed with cameras and cell phones, the people around her are taking countless photos and uninvited selfies with her. As the minutes tick by, our unease grows. Impreza — The Celebration Impreza — Das Fest Alexandra Wesolowski With a 5oth wedding anniversary fast approaching, the whole family is preparing for the celebration.

The Polish elections are around the corner, and Ola discovers that almost everyone has become more conservative than ever. She finds herself embroiled in heated discussions about contentious issues such as the European Union, abortion, migration and propaganda. In the days leading up to the party, the camera roams unnoticed from one family discussion to another, revealing how Ola is becoming increasingly estranged from her loved ones. Meandering conversations about oatmeal, nail polish and homemade food easily switch to politics, gender issues and Islam.

This intimate glimpse into the hot cauldron of family emotions also raises many questions about politics and the news. Is there such a thing as objective news or truth? How can you know if you're consulting the right sources of information? And where does ideology have its roots? Many of us have wondered the same thing when encountering a doorman.

The Interior City documents the grand entrances of luxury apartment complexes designed by people who seem to have thought of every- thing except for the doorman. One doorman talks about his memorable romance with a Saudi man that lasted for years, until he received a photo of a traditional Saudi wedding. A third deals with the tedium by running an online radio station from a back room. It gives and takes as it rises and falls on Belgium's coast at Ostend.

A tidal meter serves as our reference point in this impressionistic and contemplative documentary about one of the busiest seas in the world—keeper of human history, life giver and grave all in one. And what will the future bring when sea levels rise?

We hear about a storm that swept Ostend away when it was a fishing village in the 14th century, and see two men boring into the sand to locate the former settlement. A beach scavenger finds a ring, sparking fantasies of a treasure trove.

A retired sea dog gazes at the horizon from his apartment on the coast. A pier is under construction. The dead are commemorated. This real audio recording of a conversation between a woman named Jane and a U. She offers him a listening ear, that much is clear.

The topics soon become deeper as the man talks about his vulnerabilities and problems. The shots pull into focus and become images of graceful dancers. Then it turns out that the woman also has a confession to make, and the conversation takes an unexpected turn. As the exchange flows between awkwardness, eroticism, tension and emotion, we witness two people who need to make contact, despite their superficial differences.

Built in , this sleek building will soon have to give up its religious vocation. Young documentary filmmaker Ingel Vaikla records the sober lives of the nuns before the abbey disappears forever. She shows how, over many years, their lives have become entwined with the abbey. We only the see the interior of this exceptional building, in grayish, beautifully-lit shots that pass by at a calm and contemplative pace. Silence plays a major role in this film—even the commentary is silent.

Form and content coincide perfectly in this meditative story of the relationship of man to architecture. Roosenberg is also an ode to the peace and order of life in an abbey. Mostly filmed on mobile phones and at times quite bizarre, this fascinating montage strikingly illustrates the deterioration into chaos, the rise of tribal conflict, the influence of jihadism, and other extremist hatred that drive entire families apart.

The young people provide the narration to accompany the video footage, offering an inside view of their worlds before they descended into misery. One Iraqi looks back nostalgically at the relatively uncomplicated time when Saddam Hussein was in power, while another has lost any desire to watch action or horror movies after his experiences in Mosul. Meanwhile, a young Syrian wishes he could be back in Damascus peacefully drinking tea, without having to think about things like freedom.

The found footage from social media and other online platforms provides a disturbing view of day-to-day life in wartime. From the outside, their silhouettes create an interplay of light and shadow, while we hear the ringmaster warming them up for the show. We see their faces as a clown act begins.

The onlookers are relaxed, concentrating, laughing wholeheartedly. They're quiet as mice, then they suddenly erupt in loud applause. Then a new show starts, divided into short chapters and intercut with the faces of the circus audience, which now seem to be watching these scenes.

In the intimacy of their bedrooms, the friends do each other's makeup, look up quotes in the Koran and work on their project. Kilsyth: his cell. Ferrar, Ferrie: tall, strong man. Fearghal: a strong man, gives O Ferrol. Tremfear: strong man, gives the better known Trayner, and Trimble, which also means a strong man, and probably is the source of Turnbull, Trumbel.

Forlong: man of the sea. Carrickfergus : his rock. Fermanagh : the men of Monagh. Fermoy: men of the lowlands. Stark: strong, brave, con. Doughty: able to do, formidable. Do gives deed, dead do-ed , death do-eth. Blake : bleached, when that is not Welch.

Constantinus Chlorus: Constantine the pale, aa Donald Bane. Sullivan from Bain : white : fair eyes. The Ban and Boyne were so called from their bleaching properties, if not con. Boyd, which consult. The Elbe and Albula, from their whiteness. Guin : white, Gowan : a daisy. Gown : white garment. Innis: an islander. Flathinnis: island of the brave. Gam David Game, Cham caricaturist from Cam : crooked.

Cameron : crooked nose ; Cambell : wry mouthed, tortured into Campo Bello : field of fight. Cam also gives Akimbo : arms at an angle. Cam : river. Cam also Camera : a chamber, arched, covered roof. Ancus Martins : crooked arm, con. Boyle philosopher is often rendered, affeded by boils, but is purely Milesian, meaning peril, probably born in a time of danger.

Sylla : " As to his figure, we have the whole of it in his statues, except his eyes. They were of a lively hue : fierce and menacing ; and the ferocity of his aspect was heightened by his complexion, which was strong red inter- spersed with spots of white. Varius, Variolus brain : troubled with small-pox, marked with variola. Nevins : bighanded. Cricket: noisy insect; Crack: to make a sharp noise ; Corncrake : noisy bird in corn. Gavazzi padre : loud laugher.

Sometimes Gelasius pope , Gelee is given as its correspondent, but it means servant of Jesua, being identical with the Scotch Gillis. Such do not necessarily point to impediment in speech, but were also applied to sorcerers using strange words in a muttering way, and so answer to Hallosheth : enchanter, whisperer.

Barebones: bonny beard. Pogonatus: bearded — Skegg: shaggy beard. In some cases. Frame: a stranger. Kali goddess : black, beautiful, con. Kalos: beautiful, and Coal: beautiful mineral. Calcutta: Kalis temple. Callisto Lycaon s daughter : most beautiful. Cosmo de Moedici : beautiful, adorned, con. Cosmos : beautiful order of the universe. Cosmetic : beauty aider. Comb : hair beau- tifier. Syntax: arrangement of sentences. Tactics: good arrange- ments. Scipio: a staff, to his blind father, con.

Sceptre : staff, for a patriarch to lean on. Torso: twisted. Pekah: open-eyed. Notman when not a neat herd : having the hair neatly cut, a round head. Edipus of Colonna : swelled foot, PoDio : little footed, op. Vierfuss : four-footed, running as swiftly as a four-footed animal. Plancus consul : splay- footed. Splay for display. Pansa and Hirtius : foot-spreader.

Pansa expanded his feet, Plancus displayed them. This metal Jiit the ringer, singer, sounder y Hebrews to symbolise truth and firmness, reli- e say "True as steel. Taliesin ng : brow shining like iron. These show hiran, ame in before historic times, and a good forehead, ed as an element in manly beauty.

But we return lies. Lonq- uch daylight under the crutch. Krupp guns : Varus: straddle, prevaricator, as though trying to sides of the way at once. GouRKO general : a cucumber, which, g fruit, was applied to a long person. Perhaps con. Labeo lawyer : thick-lipped, con. This wenche thikke and well i-growen was, With camoys nose and eyghen gray as glas.

Frond: that part of tree that pushes io the front, and the Sclavonic Golawtscheff, each answer to Broadhead, Greathead, the German Kopf scoffee , and our Tait archbishop. Ejeian : head, Cantmore, Mc Cann, Can- tankerous: head full of fight. Clegg: big built. Darnley Mary : a dark avised man. Tarn : dark water, deep pool.

Roderick Dhu : Roderick the dark. Duff, Duffy, Mc Haffy, which becomes Guffie : all jswarthy. NoiR shot , Neri Philip : dark visaged. Vallesneri: dark valley. From a botanist so named the plant Vallesneria is so called. Appeles painter : con, Peleus, very dark, Pelops : black face, giving Peloponnesus : island of Pelops, now Morea, for Romea : south Roman, from it, too, Roumelia, Roumania, Erzeroum : land of the Rouman, from Aretz : earth, con.

Aro : to plough. Cape colonists, bom of European parents, are termed Africanders. Ocyroe, con. Ocean : swift flowing. But Truebody: a faithful messenger. Nasithous : swift as a ship. Csesar's famous dispatch, " Veni vidi, vici : I came, I saw, I conquered," was saying, I was too nimble for the quick man. Pharper is Phar phar : swift, swift.

Such names differ little from our modem Allan, Snarey: the swift. Flaccus: flap- eared, whose ears are fiaccid. But Flack: son of Lake. Grant : great, grandee, magnate. Grandius mathematician : full grown, bigman, the op. Big : that which is bigged out, built. Chateaubrlant : Bryant's Castle. Names of this class are often adjectives inverted and used as nouns, as in the case of Long.

In the Chinese Long: fortunate. In the Celtic Long: a sailor. Lochlong: ship lake. So with Dun : a hill ; Dunum : a fortress ; we have Long- dunum, Londinum, London : ship fortress, the fort up to which ships come. As with Henry Long, so fared it with John Little. Hakketan : little. Archipelago : chief sea, containing most Greek islands.

Phalec is the Greek form of this name, as given in Luke's genealogy. Ljeiper, in like manner, has been sacrificed to cant explaining names by sound and made to mean a leper, but means carrying Scottish banner, with leopard thereon, being the exact correspondent of the Italian Leopardi pessimist , similar to Beresford : bear, bearer.

Said : fortunate in the chase ; Bethsaida : house of hunters, fishers. The follow- ing express shining, brightness, glory, or fame. It manifests something admirable in the physical nature strength, speed in man, beauty in woman , mental intricate calculations, high poetic powers, or the inven- tive faculty , or moral always some form of self-sacrifice. In religion, glory promised to believers is nothing foreign put upon them, but moral character revealed.

Glory is from Glar-us : glare. The Greek idea of glory was being spoken of in remote ages, fame from Phemi : to speak , renown i. The sons of Abraham meant by glory, the revelation of God. Phosphorus: light bringer, exceeds other stars, so he the other angels.

Venus leads stars through the arch of heaven, so he , misled angels. The Romans called slaves after their masters, by adding Puer : a boy, in the form of Por. In the late Slave States slaves were called boys until aged, and then were termed uncles.

Lucania : grove country : con. Lyceum : the grove where philosophers met. Lucy, when masculine as Shepstone signifies good at pike catching. Pur: fire, Phos: light. Also from Helios: shiner, we have charming Helen: skin shining with health, radiant with beauty, giving Helena, Eleanor, when not formed on Ellen, the fern, of Allen. Slick Sam : sleek skinned, skin soft and shining. Helen is given by some from Hellas : Greece, and so meaning a Greek lady.

Nymphas Col. Nympha, whence Nymjihs : beauties, shiners, so pretty women were termed stars. Electra daughter of Atlas : drawing by beauty. Electron : amber, from Elein: to draw. Phosphorus, Phgedrus, Photinas, Nymphas : all more or less brilliant.

Phcebe : the moon. Claret : clear wine. Clarinda : fancy names herefrom. Bert, Bertie, Bertha are Germanic synonymes to fore- going, as seen in Adalbert Hungarian apostle , Ethelbert king , Albert, Albrecht : noble and bright. Hercules : glory of Hera, Juno, Ercole. From him forty cities were named Heraclea, whence Heraclitus : native of Heraclea.

Heraclidoe: descendants of Hercules. The same demi-god gives Herculaneum. Ambrose Milan : not mortal. Pericles the Olympian : very glorious. Damocles sword : glory of Damon. Damon tanner : conqueror. The mother sees in her son germs of greatness, and to urge him to its development, transposed two letters of his unwel- come appellation, and called him Anuari : the brilliant, the illustrious.

Ahmed, Mahomet, Marmoud : glorious. From this Arabian sham we have the old English for an idol, Maumet. Cleostratus, Herbert: glory of army, but Hubert t. O'Grady : glorious Hugh. Sophocles : glory of Sophilus. Cunard line : ken hard, very cunning.

Redpath reed, rad, rath-bert bright, pert : famous adviser. Frodobert, FloberT: famous for wisdom. Bal is identical with Fal in Fallo : I deceive. Fool : one beguiled. From Guilp: deceit, we get Gull, Guilty. Slav is the Russian and Polish correspondent to Cleos.

Greeks applied such names generally, in infancy, Muscovites only in after life. Jaroslav Crimean prince : glorious George. Suwarrow's famous dispatch to Katharine clarifies the name, — " Siava Boga! Krepost Vzala yia tarn, Glory to God I glory to you! Petroslav : glorious Peter. Pauloslav : glorious Paul. Names given to distinguished soldiers. Sclavons use Mir with a similar force, though in a less exalted sense, as Cazimir Polish king : good commander, con. Ukase : a command. Paulimir Radoslav's grandson : Paul the prince, the good.

Vladimir, Waldemar : princely ruler. Former con. Liebrood : lover of the cross, con. In the 16th and 17th centuries a mania came upon the learned to transmute names so as to make an exodus from vulgarity by changing their appellations from the vernacular into classical equivalents.

His name then stood Desiderius G6rard Erasmus. And he rested. The fun and wonder is that the then best Greek scholar in Europe could make such a fiasco. The unknown is winsome. Autocthones: sprung from the earth itself, so ancient. Brooks our Waters, Beck, Goole became Torrentius. Reuchlin con. Boece from Bois : a wood dweller followed suit in Scot- land by becoming Boethius.

Some idea of the troubles befalling men through name changing may be gathered from the following distress- ing narrative. Had the Prodigal Son come home shod, that would have signified that he had not forfeited his estate. Bellamy: fair friend when not local , from Amicus: a friend, from Amo : I love con. Om : mother, and Amen : nour- ishing faithfully.

Bellamy becomes Lammie, when that is L. Beldam : fair lady, ulti- mates in meaning a hag. It is common in England, and seems to be a case of bar sinister. ThrrxxER: a love potion. Three, my languages, is used with the force of a superlative, so 3N: loud tone, high-sounding main, an allusion to his nic conch and waves breaking on the shore. Terpander : an out-and-out man.

Tetrander : man, square built, like Hercules Farnese. Agapetus i : esteemed, loved. I Italian poet , Carus, Carey missions. Preu, for Preux : valiant. Play- speaker , a form of playfellow. Eligius St. Prender: to take. Srute: stupid, in contrast with man. Driscoll: false , allusion unknown. Mulvaney, Feeny, from Fioun: tnnum, vAuq,. Vans, Vance from Uain, Erse for a , in the accusative Oin con. From Uain, Oin: a lamb.

Frederick: peace rich. Grenoble Polis : city of Gratian. Commodus: obliging,accommoc? Ethel: noble. Audrey, whence Tawdry: vulgar fine. Aridatha Esther ix. So, too, Childeric : ruling son, noble governor, Childebert : glorious son, great by descent. And so Infanta: royal daughter, Spanish princess, fern, of Infant : royal son, whence Infantry : his soldiers. Fauntlero Y enfant le roy : king's son. Hence the Yankee puzzler, Mullhare: bald. Hare or Hara.

Seed was anciently used with the force son, supreme, most noble offspring. Agamemnon king of men : remembering much — M Nestor: rememberer, con. Eumenides: daugh- ters of Eumenes, Furies, but used through superstitious fear in sense of benevolent goddesses. M Nemesis: avenging remembrancer. Arsinoe queen : strong minded, con. Arsenic: strong poison, and Nous : the mind. Alcman lyric poet and Alcinous host of Ulysses : strong minded. Hugibert con. Quant, Kant, Kunth, Cundle when not a war name : all ken, are cunning.

Pindar Theban poet : man of head, con- noisseur. Mentor : rich in mental endowments, a guide. Hachmoni: very wise, a magus. Lefroy: the cold, frigid, con, lake cool. Bengel lexicographer : timid. I : not to be judged with, incomparable, beyond ipareil. Maynard : of a man's nature, le.

Best is beatest, he who beats all. Beat, etter , beatest, contracted to best. Fry Elizabeth : free, kindly, aflFable, gives Frew, con. Fraulein : free woman. Charlemagne, Charles the magnificent. Spooner: enticer, allurer. Spooney: easily gulled. Varley electrician : cautious, wary. Hilarius bishop of Poictiers : given to hilarity. Glarus is formed from Ecclesia and Hilarius: church of Hilary, and gives Glares. Giocondo built bridge of Notre Daftie : jocund, jocose, jovial from Jove.

Merriment comes of exuberant health manifesting itself in laughter, singing, leaping. Gay poet. Letitia : frolicsome, joyous, Lettice. Jamin son of Simeon : adroit, dexterous, lucky, c m. CuRius Dentatus : a man full of cares, who meets troubles half way. Sadd : heavy hearted, set countenance. Sadness is settled grief. Pentheus Theban : who grieves, whence Penthesilea : taking away sorrow by her charms, con. Nepenthe: herb : no grief. Malateste : an Italian name cor- iing with foregoing and Headdy.

The early ans said "Vere Severus, vere Pertinax:" truly severe, obstinate. Ignatius St. Ballantyne, Banna- fiery child. Tyne for Tan : fire. Mohammed Ben Hassan Saad : Mahommed, the son of Hassan, the joy of religion, great warrior, Saladin : goodness of religion. Aladdin : the religious. Futher Eddeen : glory of religion. Go gives gadfiy, goat, Gadsby, guest, gate, haut: a pass. Drouin de Lhnys : truth win, [g honourably.

Al Seddek : the just. Zedektah : justice of Jehovah, iing of Babylon made Mathaniah, his father's brother, n his stead, and changed his name to Zedekiah. Mathaniah : ft of Jehovah. Symmachus, looks like fighting with, querulous, but signifies commilitis : a fellow soldier. HuriN Louis : the quarrelsome. Carpo: fruitful as to offering mEscHOL: grape cluster, big family man. Pious : fond of parents.

Smart : brisk, active, who can smite quickly, out of army sunk into meaning gay. Smart : sore, the result of being smitten. Zenobia queen : life sustained by Zeus, con. Biology : science of life. Vasa Gustavus : keen, bold, originally Wass, whence Wassing : son of Wass, giving Washington Sussex :' town of the descendants of Wass : bold, con. When from Phos: light, means very glorious, trebly bright. Peabody: handsome as a peacock, fine fellow, and conse- quential.

Hennesy Pope : impetuous, heady, irritable. Oats corn means edible. Our eat and the Latin edo are from Eo : to go. Let us present the matter thus: eo, eat, oats. In keeping with above glutfcous we have Swageman : he who assauges at meals and begins again. Tankey: pugnacious, quarrelsome. Bowditch in his "Suffolk Names," Boston, , says that it is probably- connected with using the tankard. I knew a fayily of this name.

It is good English, aiid is preserved in combination with the Celtic for the head, viz. Kanturk : the boar s head. Kintor : Hillhead. Lento Clenis : soft : man of lenity, tender hearted, Lentulus : nded from. Nick- is are names given with a contemptuous nick of the head, ise of some peculiarity real or supposed in the appearance laracter of those to whom they are applied.

Often such 3iographies crowded into a word. When attributed to nembers of a dynasty they play the part of an ordinal, say George the First, Second, Third, Fourth. No Greek d tolerate this. He added the patronymical or descriptive ilation to each wearer of the purple. Thus, Seleucus : ng, brilliant, ccni. Selene : the moon, gives Seleucidoe : indants of Seleucus, from him also Selucia on the Orontes : of Seleucus.

The following are some of the cognomens on members of that race of kings : — Epiphanes : the rious, con. Epiphany: glorious appearing. The Jews 1 him Epimanes: the maniac. Callinicus : splendid aeror, by irony, his reign being feeble. Ceraunus : derbolt, by a sarcasm on his weakness. Of course Seleucus derstood before each. Soter : saviour, preserver LFiz, Hafid : given by Rhodians whom he helped.

He was so called by the Egyptians for rescuing their from Cambyses. Philopater : lover of father. He was ricide. He hated her. PhyscoN: big bellied con. But Pansy flower : thought, Pensee from Pendeo : I hang. We naturally hang our head when thinking, meditating, but hold it up when recollecting. Pansy : pensive flower. To the Hogarth class belong Carnot and Carno of the French : fleshy, con.

Lamyras : the buffoon, who puflfe out his cheeks, so making them big. Sidetes: the huntsman, con. Said, Bethsaida and Jagard. Poliorcetes Demetrius : destroyer of cities, con. Police, Politics, Policy. Nor were the Romans in the rear of the Greeks as to nicknames. Witty France produced a heavy crop of sobriquets. Such names are found scattered through all history, as Cato Censorius : the critic, judge, censor, census taker : Mutius Scaevola : the left-handed. Scaevus : unlucky, signs observed to left hand of augurs, but afterwards applied to unlucky words, as Mors : death, and then to improper language, whence Obscene.

Sicily was called Trinacria : three - cornered. Aves: aged, con. Mvnm: an age, Co-eval: same age, Ave! Vale : farewell, i. From Avus, Avunculus : less by age, giving uncle, aunt. So Nepos : a nephew, neipce, niece, and Neff Felix.

Hugh Capet founded Capetian dynasty : the cap, kepi wearer, the monk's cap used for covering tonsure. Heraclitus Physicus : the naturalist, physician, watcher of growth, con. Suggestive of Craib, Crabbe poet : a branch, applied to a clan returning from battle with branches in their helmets as a token of victory. Pompilius : son of Pom- PEY : fifth born, con. TuLLlus Hostilius : Tully the warlike. Ancus Martius : the warlike.

Mars- like, con. Ancus : crooked -armed, sug- gests BossuE : boss-shouldered. The word is also in Anchor : bent iron, angular grappler. Genoa is con. Gonia : an angle, Gonu : a knee, being at a bend of coast. Tarquinius Superbus : the proud, who held himself above others. Constantine Paleologus : old stock speaker, having a brogue. Copros : dung, Coprolite : dung stone. Lalla Rookh : tulip-cheeked Moore. Lorenzo de Medici : Lawrence of the Medicean family, at Florence.

Medici : phy- sician, medical man. Medeor : to cure by Median herbs. La Belle Sauvage : forest beauty, lady of the park, a form of Isabella Savage. Rob Roy : red-headed Robert, similar to Redmond : red Edmond. Callum O'Glen : Galium of the glen, as 9 o'clock, 9 of the clock. Maccallum More : the great M'Callum, Argyll. Marco Polo Venetian : Mark Paul. Clym OF the Clough : Clement of the cliff outlaw. From cliff. Our Scriptures supply names to nearly half of civilisation.

As well kick at Fate as at the Book. Eclectic, sceptic, agnos- tic are alike indebted with believers thereto for names of themselves or friends. In many cases these were indirectly derived from that sacred source when the recipient was uncon- scious of such origin and continues to be so life through. As in ordinary affairs, it consists with wisdom that all actions should be interpenetrated with religion rather than that cer- tain acts should be viewed as secular and others as sacred, so it seemed good to blend biblical names with common through this book, consequently no exhaustive chapter will be devoted thereto.

Yet, on the other part, seeing it is of Divine appoint- ment, founded on human nature, that one day should be more especially devoted to things sacred, so there seems a propriety in setting apart one chapter entirely to this subject. No people, of any age, combined God's name and attributes with their name so much as did the Hebrews, Israelites, Jews.

Take Old Testament names and compare them with those now used among Jews and two notable facts forthwith force themselves upon the observer. They alone, as distinguished from " the seventy nation," entwined the Divine name with their own in combinations so varied that a Jerusalem directory of B. The Jews no longer so act, presumably wholly or partially because some organic change in respect to them and the Divine name has taken place.

That civilised nations could not now tolerate names varied from the parental stock, that Cohen's sons and daughters must be Cohens, does not cover the position, because, as in the Church of Rome, there is the recognition of the reli- gious as well as the civil name : in like manner were the Jews anxious to act as they once did, no government in the world could prevent them.

Not only do they not now so use the word Jehovah in conjunction with biographical changes, but there is one name they avoid — Joshua, or, as we British term it, Jesus. It is hard for the sceptic to account for this name being disused after the first century of our era other than the way Christianity accounts for it, viz. Yet, though the name Jehovah has been in use thous- ands of years, it, like Him of whom it is the sacred sign, has suffered no change.

At one time Jove was thought to be a formation therefrom, but scholars agree that as Dies : a day, becomes Jour, so Dios : divine, becomes Jove, and Dios-pater : father Jove, becomes Jupiter. So, too, Theos is applied to gods whose tories are best untold. Now, as no man ever took to he title Jehovah, He who said : " Thou shalt not take e of Jehovah, thy God, in vain," must surely have over it with jealous care through His love to man, ;hing unpolluted yveve left to us, whereof shall Jacob's 3 made?

Lng the vile uses to which the words Lord, God, Christ, ve been applied, who can doubt that the peculiar name preserved like the uncorrupted manna in the golden [Q ark of God, Jehovah : I am, i. Whether this be real no sceptic can conceive of a being comparable One grander is not only impossible but unthinkable.

Nor was this mere superstition, but rm of wisdom. Similarly through awe of the Divine, writers use the personal pronouns where we should hem inelegant, but their defence is they feared to His great name too often less famiUarity should breed ed contempt. I turn by the merest chance to Job ere the weeper uses pronouns instead of the Divine enty-seven times, but the word God only once, and T once. Much the same is seen in the book of Psalms, n the New Testament.

Illustrations of this awe n all parts of it. Turn to 1 John ii. And now, little children, abide in him : that when he shall appear we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming. If ye know that Jie is righteous, ye know that everyone that doeth righteousness is bom of Aim. Thus Diabolis : accuser, slanderer, whence Diable, Devil, starts existence with a low meaning, whereby it may be raised.

Thus we have devil, devilled, devilish, used in anything but a bad sense, as " He a horse is a devil to go. Satan : adversary of God and man is much grander in conception and use than Devil. One of the most blessed titles applied to God is Despot : foot binder, he who governs without consultation. Despots are divisible into good and bad. Every father of a family, every captain of a ship, teacher of a school, is a despot, as is the Empress of India over Hindoos. Souls under the apocalyptic altar, cry, " How long, O Despot, holy and true dost Thou not avenge our blood?

When the word Jehovah enters into composition with personal names it assumes the forms of jah, ah, a, and is used either as a prefix or a postfix. The highest compliment ever paid to a woman if it be lawful to term things so sacred compliments was when the Almighty said, " As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai princess, aristocratic woman , but Sarah " princess of Jehovah, greatest princess ". There the Lord takes part of his name and adds it to that of His nominee.

Consult Israel. We find it again in combination with the name of a woman, Ex. Jochabed con. Nowhere is it revealed in the Old Testament as lawful to call the Eternal by so familiar an expression as Father. What prophet, which psalmist so addresses Him? Jeisus was the first man who taught men so to address God. However, Father of us would now sound strange. Theology and reason have been sacrificed on the altar of idiom. The Greek and Latin churches have Pater emoon and Pater noater which is true teaching.

By such names as Abiah we know what the Scriptures do not explicitly teach that pious Israelites approached God with holy boldness, so that it is. Shin is essential with schon, shine, sheen, skin, sun, all mean- ing that which shines, is beautiful. Ariel, Eliab : God my father. Abibal Hiram's father : my father is Bael. THAR: whose father is left.

Father dying during infancy of son. Nabal : rough, boorish, churlish, dour, con, falls and fool. Abinadab : father of liberality, free with heart to feel and purse to help. Abigail : whose father rejoiceth at her birth , con, Haggith.

But Faunt: a fount. Abram, Abiram: high father, a patriarch. Maberly poor man's friend : Abraham's field. Tabraham, Tabram de Abraham : son of Abraham. From Ab: father. Sahib to distinguished natives of India and foreigners, if military men. Hence Daniels, s formative. Amariah : whom Jehovah spoke of , promised, from Amar : to speak, whence Amiral some tall : commander, becomes Admiral. Omar Pasha is a double title.

We have Omar : a commander, word giver, Gen. Uzziah, Amaziah y : strength of Jehovah, very strong, con, Uzziel : strength of God. Amittai Jonah's father : amen of Jehovah, God keeping faith. Ameen-edden : faithful in religion. Athaliah queen , Athlai Bebai's son - : whom Jehovah afflicted. Ebenezer : stone of help, con. Ben : a son. Ebony : stone wood. Lazarus form of Elazarus gives Lazaroni: beggars like Lazarus.

Lazaretto : lazar house, instituted for lepers and contagiously diseased. Lazy: lying about like Lazarus. So ill and idle are the same word. Elisheba Aaron's wife , con. Sabbath and meaning oath of God, i. Elizabeth's church. Barachel Elihu's father : blessed of God, by increase of family. Berachiah: blessed of Jehovah. Ben: a stone, gives Banah: to build, whence Benahiah : built of Jehovah, increased in family.

Bathoni: daughter of my sorrow. Bathlah: daughter of Jehovah, His worshipper. Bath- sheba : seventh daughter. Joel : Jehovah is God. Elijah is a creed in a name, and shoald be read by the light that lit on the altar on CarmeL " How long hop ye between two opinions? Hod : praise, glory, con. Laudo and Plaudo, whence Explode : to make a loud noise like may persons clapping hands. ISHOD : man, praised for his beauty. Jehoikim : Jehovah appointed. Eliakim : God appointed, con.

Jachim : 'firm. No stranger to Israel could know the difference between these two unless under Hebrew teaching. Jaddua high priest. Aram : high, becomes Ramah : brae top, be- comes Aramathea, and Ram: man of dignity. Adoniram : the Lord is exalted.

Ahaz dial of : seen by God. Ghazi ghau : valley of vision, beautiful dale. Micaiah : who as Jehovah? Michael: who as God? Carmichael: dear to Michael, Mike, Micky, and Moke : a donkey. This is a pet name with the Irish, who view it thus : — As Michael conquered Satan, the first Protestant, and drove the rebel angels from heaven, so the Pope conquered Luther and excom- municated Protestants.

Thus it means conqueror of heretics. Nahum : a comforter. Eltmelech: God is king, the Lord reigneth. Pedahazur : rock of redepiption, con. Padon: redeemed. Ammishaddai: people of the Almighty, covenant ones, those under the ahedder, dis- poser. Ajvimihud: one of the people who are praised, "Am- mihud, king of Geshur. Phylactery : protection, sign of God's keeping. Jehovah-rophi : the Lord, the healer.

Raphael : hekler of God, sent to heal, whence Raffles Sir Stamford from whom the largest flower in the world is called Rafflesia. Jeshurun : little just one, darling because of goodness. Zaccar : mindful. Zechariah : remembered by the Lord, hence Zachary. When Ah for Ach : brother, begins a name, it is generally used figuratively, as Ahitub : good brother, worthy person, con. Tabeel : good- ness of God. When born like him. Ahimoth : brother of death, sickly born, con.

Mors, Mars, Mavors. Hazeleloponi : give shade, thou who regardest me, con. Bezaleel : under the shadow of God. Zillah, Zalmon. Zalmunna : shelter forbidden, he who shows no quarter. Shalom, Salmon, Selim : peace. Salaam : to bow, wishing peace. Shelomi: peaceful man. The Samaritans give the famous prophecy of Jacob, " The sceptre shall not be taken from Judah, nor a leader from his banners, until the Pacific come. From Salem also we Islam, Moslem, Mussulman. El : God, the strong one, Elohim : strong , first met with in composition in Mehujael Lamech's dfather : struck of God, greatly aflSiicted.

Hallelujah : praise Jah. Hillil : singer, he who Lilt: to sing jerkingly and spontaneously. The two ; rabbis of Hebraism were Hillil and Shammai. Shem; a name. Ad : one, solus. LD : solitaire, lonely. Hadad : one, one, the sun god, the sun, con. Solus : alone.

R: an oracle. Deborah te, i. Stowe's Dred. Pamphylia: all tribes intermixed. ZiZA : full-breasted, abundance of milk , whence Jaziz : he will bring abundance. What name could be better for a shepherd? Ardon : a fugitive, who flees to high place, con. Dumb: silent, Massa: patience. The rabbis weld these into a proverb — " Hear much, say little, bear much.

Birth name. Neal : new Gall. Hinnio : I neigh, Hinny : bred of a horse, Whine : to lament. The Romans anointed the door lintel under which the newly arrived bride passed, whence from Unguo ; I anoint, we have Unguent, Unction, Uxor, Uxorious : inordinately fond of wife. When men so did they were called by the Saxons, Bold : bald. Yemen : the south, to he right is Benjamin : son of my right hand, honour, strength ; if not, Benjamim : son of my days.

Lot : a veil, a secret worker, artful, gives Lotan duke.

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